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Numbers that didn’t add up for Debbie, Kathleen and Claudia Borges in Hillsborough County. She’s one of nearly two dozen teachers the school district was just forced to fire because they couldn’t pass the FTCE. In Borges’ case, the kindergarten teacher has struggled to pass the Math section after taking the test four times.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Feel like we play in the best JUCO conference out there (with the ICCAC/KJCAA merger), Montalto said. Have battles week in and week out that prepare us to play anybody. Based out of New York, will be making its first ever bowl appearance. Peyton Olsen of Middleburgh and Girard III became the ninth and 10th Section II schoolboys to reach the one game 60 point plateau. Olsen hit for a school record 60 in an 85 40 season opening win against Stamford, and set another school mark with 11 3 pointers. Sausville won 198 games Cheap Jerseys free shipping in 12 seasons at Schenectady. wholesale nfl jerseys

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